REW Consulting helps companies overcome the challenges associated with change, configuration, and compliance management of servers, desktops, mobile devices, cloud computing and virtualized environments.

  • We’ll design it
  • We’ll build it
  • We'll automate it.
  • We’ll customize and modify it
  • We'll integrate it
  • We'll right-size it
  • We’ll make sure it fulfills the business need and achieves your goals

The true nature of your IT department is to maintain the infrastructure so that the revenue-generating mechanisms can succeed and thrive. Add to that, the directive to protect operational assets including users and data. Then there’s the need to continually identify and implement ways to improve performance while anticipating challenges and continually adapting to the transformative nature of technology. For anyone, even the most experienced IT professional, that’s a lot of balls to keep in the air. And that’s where REW delivers value…IT is our core business so it doesn’t have to be yours.

Our professional expertise extends across several disciplines, solutions and experience We can help with just about any challenge. We can help you define and develop solutions to automate several aspects of your business including (but not limited to):

  • Infrastructure automation frameworks
  • Configuration and Change management
  • Real time application and infrastructure monitoring
  • Operational optimization
  • API Development
  • Modifications to 3rd party integrations
  • Cloud management
  • Security and Compliance
  • Network automation
REW Delivers